Parties Inspired By...

I find inspiration for parties everywhere; I can't seem to help myself!

I am going to use this section to share some party ideas on items that I find inspiration in.

This week it’s going to be Scrapbook Paper.

There are so many adorable paper options out there.


Inspiration Sock Monkey Paper: available @ Michael's Craft Store

White Sock Monkey Party Kit: available @ Brights Idea
Sock Monkey Party Favor Bags: available @ Amazon

Sock Monkey Jon Jon: available @ Fashion For Kids

Sock MonkeyBusiness Plates & Napkins: available @ Plates and Napkins

Party Time Sock Monkey Banner: available @ 10 Candles

Fondant 3D Banana Cupcake Toppers: available @ Kids Cakes


Inspiration Cupcake Paper: available @ Michaels Crafts

Pink Chiffon Cupcake Party Hat: available @ Silver Spoon Scraps

Printable Cupcake Cute Pink Birthday Package: available @ Aboville

Cupcake Bath Bomb Minis: available @ fb essentials

Personalized Pillowcase Cupcake Romper: available @ Aunt Mon Mons
Create your own Cupcake Invitation: available @ gigimari

The Great Cupcake Pan: available @ Williams Sonoma

Check out your local Craft Store's Paper section and see what inspiration you can find!


  1. I think I need that cupcake pan! With Joy, Carey

  2. We have a different version but I love that pan! :)