Neck Tie Themed Fathers Day Ideas

I love the idea of doing a Father's Day Lunch and Gifts themed around a Neck Tie. So simple but gives such a Elegant Masculine Look. Whether its gift wrapping or food labeling, this theme has endless opportunities! Here are some links to great ideas to help pull off a Neck Tie Themed Fathers Day for the Dad’s in your life!

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I love the idea of doing a Father's Day Lunch and Gifts themed around a Neck Tie.

So simple but gives such a Elegant Masculine Look. Whether its gift wrapping or food labeling, this theme has endless opportunities!

Here are some links to great ideas to help pull off a Neck Tie Themed Fathers Day for the Dad’s in your life!


Cupcake Love on Pinterest

For those of you who don’t know, Pinterest is the newest “Social Media” type thing out in Web land.

Usually I am the last to know or care, but just in case anyone is less in the loop than me I thought I’d add that. ;)

While on the Web you can “pin” photos that you love and add them to “boards” that you create in pinterest.

Today, I am sharing my Cupcake Love Board. I keep coming across the most adorable cupcakes and I felt they needed to be shared.

It’s no secret that in the world of confections, cupcakes are my first love!

I hope you can gain some party inspiration from my “Cupcake Love”.

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Splurge Versus Steal - Banners Edition

Kidfully Celebrations – Barbie Banner - $22.50

Christyland – Star Wars Banner - $30.00

Your Blissful Day – Clothesline Banner - $20.00

Kidfully Celebrations – Cat in the Hat Banner - $25.00

Paper Follie – Bee Name Banner - $45.00

hlea 100 – Vintage Barbie Banner - $16.00

Devany – Star Wars Font Banner - $20.00

Jess Made This – Onesie Banner - $10.00

Turnbow Designs – Cat in the Hat Circle Garland - $9.00

Sweetheart Party Shop – Bumble Bee Banner - $18.00


Glee Karaoke Graduation Party

I know I’ve mentioned this a time or two, but it’s a HUGE event in our house!
Our little girl is leaving the world of Preschool behind and entering Grade School.
Any excuse is a good excuse to throw a party in my world but this is a REALLY good excuse.
The Mini Graduate requested a Glee Party! (Girl after my own heart).

Savannah can belt out a version of “Don’t Stop Believing” like no one else I know so we decided to make it a Glee Karaoke Party.

We munched on Slushee Cupcakes, Pop Rocks, Cheerio Bars, and Gleeful Water!

The kids were given "Swag Bag's" at the end of the party.

They contained Pom Pom's (Toys R Us) for the girls and a

Bob-It Music Game (Target) for the boys.

Star Sunglasses, Microphone Bubbles (Michaels) and

Trophies for their Singing Achievments (Party City).

The kids had their very own "Star" chairs.

The kids took turns singing their hearts out to Glee and Disney songs on Wii karaoke, and jumping in the bounce house during “Gym Class”. It was so much fun even us parents had to join in!

Wish we could have a Glee party every week!


Hippie Chick Party Inspiration Board - Tween Party Ideas

So sorry for the Blog Silence the past week, A Flu Virus has run through every family member in my house! No fun but it's over and I'm back! :)

So,my cousin Payton is turning 10 and my aunt asked if I could help come up with some ideas for a party for her. She has outgrown all the princess type parties.

1 - Design Ink – Hippie Chick Invitations $12.99
2 - Kids Cakes – Cupcake Toppers - $13.95
3 - Sweets Indeed – Cupcake Photo Courtesy
4 - Bakerella – Owl Cake Pops Photo Courtesy
5 - Birthday Express & Oriental Trading – Favor Options
6 – Peace Party Decoration Idea – Photo Unknown
7 - Birthday Express – Hippie Chick Hanging Decoration, Plates, Napkins
8 - Children's Place – Peace Outfit Options
9 - Oriental Trading - Dessert Table Options

Together, we came up with an idea for a Peace Themed Party. I thought I would share because it turned out to be a really cute idea that could go for any age girls!

Peace Sandwiches – cut circle into sandwiches and use fruit rollups or frosting to make a peace sign on them
Orange slices, Green Apple Slices, Purple Grapes, Blueberries Fruit Plate
Carrots, Broccoli Veggie Plate
Pasta Salad
Spinach Dip
Rainbow Sherbert Punch
Chip “Bar” – Potato, Nacho Cheese, Green Tortilla Chips w/ Bean, Cheese, Ranch Dips

I think it would be cute to set up a “favor table” opposed to a dessert table. Have a combination of the desserts: cupcakes, cake pops, cookies, peace lollipops displayed cute and favor items such as sunglasses, bracelets, etc. The kids can grab a bag and take which items they like. It’s like a mini shopping experience and will decorate the party at the same time.

Payton asked for a Scavenger Hunt so I came up with idea for a Peace Scavenger Hunt:
Ideas for things to find
2 Different types of leaves
2 Different types of flowers
Wild Acorn, Nut or Seed
Butterfly or Bugs (could hide plastic versions)
Peace Symbols (could hide sticker/tattoo/or plastic versions)

Move furniture to side in one room and have dance party zone – either decorative duct tape or something to make a “faux dance floor”

I hope you enjoy this party ideas as much as I did! After the party was planned I came across some of these same items at my local Party City as well.


Vintage Silhouette Feature

The Vintage Silhouette Party I did with Kate is being featured on Layla Grace's Backroom Blog today!

Check the feature out here:

See the full Vintage Silhouette Party Post here:

It was a pleasure to plan and execute this party with Kate Landers!

Thanks so much for everything!


Gorgeous Sports Themed Parties

I love browsing other blogs and seeing the AMAZING party inspiration out there, I highly recommend window pary shopping! I keep coming across some of the most Adorable Sports Themed Parties and now that Mother's Day has passed and Father's Day is just around the corner I thought these would be great inspiration for us all. How Great would these be for a Father's Day Brunch! :)


Graduation Cake Inspiration

I've got Graduation on the brain so I thought I'd share some graduation eye candy!

My kitchen looks like a graduation cake eruption! The "Cake Creator" aka Jeff is hard at work on a huge 3 tier Graduation cake and a graduation cap/diploma cake for this weekend.

(I'll share pics as soon as they are done!)

My little first born princess is about to "graduate" from Preschool and enter the world of grade school otherwise known as Kindergarten. I am sure many of you can relate to the array of emotions that I am feeling at this new point in our lives.

I just LOVE that she knows beyond the shadow of a doubt that she is a Princess and believes that she can do anything! I know she is excited and ready to start what's next! Can't wait to watch her become everything she will become!

Wicked Cakes Austin

AJ's Moonlight Bakery

Made in Mel's Kitchen

My Simply Sweet


Splurge Versus Steal

A Bright Flower Themed Party done 2 ways - A Splurge and A Steal!

Butterfly Garden Printable Invitation


Trinity St Studio

Strawberrie Lemonade Posh Tutu Set


Strawberrie Rose

Birthday Girl Birthday Crown


Glam Hatter

Bright Flower 2 Tier Birthday Cake

$200 plus depending on local pricing

Cake Photo Courtesy of Icing Dreams

Butterfly Garden Favor Tags

$12.00 for 6

Mary Had A Little Party

Bright Flowers Invitation


Mommies Ink

Pink Flowers Party Hat



Bright Summer Floral Set



Bright Flower Sheet Cake

$50 and up depending on local pricing

Photo Courtesy of Kim Dever

Rainbow Paper Flower Favor Tags

$3.50 to make your own favor tags in 12 colors

Paper Glitter