Parties Inspired By...

I find inspiration for parties everywhere; I can't seem to help myself!

I am going to use this section to share some party ideas on items that I find inspiration in.

This week it’s going to be Scrapbook Paper.

There are so many adorable paper options out there.


Inspiration Sock Monkey Paper: available @ Michael's Craft Store

White Sock Monkey Party Kit: available @ Brights Idea
Sock Monkey Party Favor Bags: available @ Amazon

Sock Monkey Jon Jon: available @ Fashion For Kids

Sock MonkeyBusiness Plates & Napkins: available @ Plates and Napkins

Party Time Sock Monkey Banner: available @ 10 Candles

Fondant 3D Banana Cupcake Toppers: available @ Kids Cakes


Inspiration Cupcake Paper: available @ Michaels Crafts

Pink Chiffon Cupcake Party Hat: available @ Silver Spoon Scraps

Printable Cupcake Cute Pink Birthday Package: available @ Aboville

Cupcake Bath Bomb Minis: available @ fb essentials

Personalized Pillowcase Cupcake Romper: available @ Aunt Mon Mons
Create your own Cupcake Invitation: available @ gigimari

The Great Cupcake Pan: available @ Williams Sonoma

Check out your local Craft Store's Paper section and see what inspiration you can find!


Easter Fun with Bunny Bait and Bunny Paws

I found this adorable idea for some “Bunny Bait” to make for Easter gifts.

We decided to take it literally at our house and make it as actual bait for the Easter Bunny on Easter Eve.

Here is a link to the original post by Bake at 350
Bake at 350

I changed out the Candy Melts for Easter Marshmallows since we had them on hand.
We shaped them into Balls and put them into a Carrot I have for the Easter Bunny to find.

The Easter Bunny really enjoyed it from what we can tell. He left a trail all through our house with his paw prints when he hid the kids Easter Baskets and Gifts. :)

The kids enjoyed the hunt for their baskets as well.

Savannah followed the pink paw prints and Sawyer followed the blue paw prints.

I think this may have been even more fun for Jeff and I than it even was for the kids and the kids had a LOT of fun.
Can’t wait for the Easter Bunny to come back again next year!


Splurge Versus Steal

Dinosaur Egg Cup with Straw
Birthday Express
$2.49 each ($19.99 for 8)
$1.99 each
Butterfly Wand
Butterfly Craze

Pirate Glow Sword
Birthday Express
$1.49 each

Abby Cadabby Foam Bopper
Party City
$4.99 each

Dinosaur Mugs
Oriental Trading
$.66 each ($7.99 a dozen)

Metallic Pinwheel
Century Novelty
$.79 each

Nylon Butterfly Wand
Halo Heaven

Pirate Swords & Eyepatches
Happy Depot
$.82 each
Abby Cadabby Headband
21 Creations
$3.50 each ($28.00 for 8)


Flower Pot Easter Party Gifts (Tutorial)

I had the idea to do Mini Bow Bouquets for the girls in Savannah’s class for Easter awhile ago. The time is now arrived so I had about a day to whip up 20 bouquets.

I of course couldn’t do Bow Bouquets for the Boys so I decided to use lollipops and wind-up bug toys.
STEP 1: I started with mini terracotta pots (Hobby Lobby) and spray painted them yellow, green, red and pink.
We had the spray paints. I used Craft sticks (Hobby Lobby) for the flower stems and spray painted them green as well.
STEP 2: I made 3 Flower Clip Bows (Michaels) for every flower pot.
STEP 3: I cut up the rectangle blocks of foam into 6 pieces and placed the pieces in the pots.
STEP 4: I stuck 3 sticks in each pot for the flower pots and 4 lollipops in each pot for the bug pots.
STEP 5: I put a small amount of hot glue on top of the foam and attached green Easter grass to the pots.
STEP 6: I clipped a bow to each stick and added the wind up bugs to the center of the lollipops on the bug pots.
STEP 7: I used these free Easter Printables I found on Catch My Party from Autumn Leah Designs

After I cut the Printable Squares out I glued them to the wood craft sticks and tied blue and pink bows around the sticks. Linking with Type A, DIY Showoff, Girl Creative


Splurge Versus Steal

Sorry for the day delay but better late than never right! The Egg Hunt Party took over yesterday! :)

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