Things I Want Tuesday!

I like most of the Mom's I know spend very little time these days worrying about things I may want or need. Occassionally though the things just manage to appear and you can't help but notice.

These are a few of my favorite appearances lately and definately on my Must Have List!

WARNING: I tend to Love things out of my budget! :)

From Top Left: Let's Polka $178: Rose Parade Strapless $168:

Layer Cake Tankini $148 Bottoms $78

Kennywood Small Sidney




Splurge Vs Steal Monday!

Confetti Birthday Invitation

$47.80 for 20

Buried Treasure Map Invitations

20 Printed for $77.00

Sweet Tiers Invitation

$60.00 for 20 invitations and envelopes

Polka dot Confetti Birthday Invitation


12.00 plus printing costs for Unlimited Amount

Pirates of the Caribbean Invitation

$12.99 for 20 printed

Sugar Sugar Cupcake


$15.00 for unlimited invites plus cost of printing


Vintage Silhouette Party Details

Welcome to the Vintage Silhouette Party I planned with the help of Kate Landers of Kate Landers Events, LLC.

I won the opportunity to plan with Kate Landers from the amazing giveaway by Layla Grace.

Read all about the amazing process here:

This Party was so much fun to create. In creating this party with Kate Landers, she gave me the advice to take one design element and continue it throughout the party. Great advice that translates perfectly to any party theme!

I chose to go with 2 main elements: Silhouette and Doilies You'll see these 2 items used throughout the entire party. One or the other or both is used in nearly every aspect. If it was not, the color scheme of Light Blue and Peach were. It made for a very cohesive, beautiful look when all was said and done.

The other great from Kate was to set the theme for the party right from the start with the invitations. Give the guests a hint of what they can expect at the party.


The second item that inspired me was the GORGEOUS Marie Antoinette Dress from the Euro Brand I Love Gorgeous. (http://www.ilovegorgeous.co.uk/). Available at several Online Boutiques as well. (Try: http://www.littleskyechildrensboutique.com/ and http://www.tylerandtallulah.com/shop/).

It fit the feel and color scheme I wanted for the party perfectly.

I found this gorgeous head piece and knew it was a perfect fit for the dress. Its sold as a sister set but my motto is "The Bigger the Better" with hair and headpieces so I chose to use them both together on one headband.

FOOD: We decided to have our party begin at 12pm so we planned on serving a full lunch. I like the food to fit the theme or at least the colors. Kate suggested the use of sandwiches and I agreed completely. We went with Croissant Sandwiches, Dill and Cream Cheese Sandwiches and Chicken Salad Sandwiches for the Adults. For the kids we kept it simple and went with Jelly Sandwiches. (Skipped the Peanut Butter in case of allergies). We also served a Cracker and Cheese Platter Peach Fruit Cups Mini Quiche Baby Carrots, Orange Wedges, and Deviled Eggs


We served "Peach" Lemonade, Sparkling Water, Iced Tea and Sweet Tea.

The Peach Slices added to the Lemonade and Peach Striped Straws help bring the Party Colors to the Beverages Table I set up.

(Straws purchased from Fort and Field)

DECORATIONS:Front Gate: My husband is an amazing artist and hand painted these silhouettes onto Foam Boards that we cut into oval shapes to give them the feel of a Cameo. These were hung throughout the party, on our Curtain Rods in the Living Room and along the Pool Fence in the backyard.

Entryway Details - I covered an S in Light Blue tissue Paper Roses sat next to a photograph of Savannah. You'll see more if this in the Entertainment Section but it definitely did double duty. It is a pinata that I did with the S silhouette and it hung on our patio in the backyard. Kate shared with me the tutorial she featured on her site here,

and I knew it was a perfect fit for the party. For the Food Table I knew I wanted to create something out of doilies. I decided to tie several doilies together (8 Across and 8 down to be exact :)) to achieve the dainty vintage look I was going for. It worked perfectly. Its extremely delicate but not so much that it wasn't possible. I did mine 1 doily thick but I would recommend using 2 doilies together to make it stronger. We hung ours with push pins and string into the ceiling.

I hung a Blue Floral Tablecloth behind it to add some color.

We also created Doily Lanterns using Paper Mache Balls and Doilies. They hung on either sides of the Backdrop.

I tapped into my husband's creative abilities again and had him paint 2 Light Blue Silhouettes facing each other on 2 16x20 Canvas. (Purchased at Michael's). We hung the canvas first with string and push pins. We then hung a 16x20 open White Frame to give some definition to the Silhouettes. We hung them with Light Blue Satin Ribbon. This is by far one of my favorite elements of the party.

Another Amazing Tip from Kate Landers was to set up any and everything before the day of the party. I took that tip to heart and had the backdrop up for an entire week before. :)


I wanted to keep in the Light Blue and Peach Color Scheme for the Desserts. I used Blueberry and Orange Cream Salt Water Taffy, Orange Candy Sticks, and Rock Candy Swizzle Sticks.

(Candy purchased at www.acandystore.com )

(Blue & White Polka dot Candy Cups from ShopSweetLulu.com)Silhouette Cookies - Silhouettes printed on wafer paper (Cake Art) Cookies Created by Jeff's Creative Confections


I wrapped doilies to make cones to hold the candy and added Savannah's Cameo I made to the front. My Husband Jeff of Jeff's Creative Confections above created 3 cakes for the party 2 Cameo Smaller Cakes using the Silhouette Cookies The other cake was a 2 tiered Monogram Cake also by Jeff's Creative Confections Lastly, we made Creme Puffs with Whipped Cream and Peach Slices


I managed to get 6 matching picnic tables by borrowing from friends and renting 3 from a local party rental place (AZ Bounce Around). It was a less expensive option for my larger party but still allowed for the cohesive look I wanted to achieve because they all matched.

I covered them with simple white tablecloths I purchased at Sam's Club in the Restaurant Section.

Each table contained 4 Place Settings and 1 Centerpiece.

The centerpieces were glass vases/bowls with handmade Pinwheels (tutorial to come), Crochet Doily Bowls, and Picture Frames I picked up at Target after Valentines Day that looked like doilies.

The place settings were made using doilies and personalized silhouettes for each kid. I added mini bows to the tops to complete them.
For the girls I made party hats using a template from Creative Party Blog. (http://www.creativepartyblog.com/plain-birthday-party-hat-template)
I used Light Blue Card stock, Blue Lace Trim and Silhouette Tags I made using Savannah's Silhouette and customizing with the girls names.

The boys had Black Top Hats with Light Blue Ribbon Trim for Party Hats.
(Hats from Oriental Trading, Ribbon Michael's)

The centerpieces for the girls centered around Doily Bowls I made using crochet light blue and white doilies. They had a pair of White Gloves and Vintage Flower Gloves for each girl. A White Lace Parasol was leaning up against their seats as well.

(Gloves: Target Dollar Section, Vintage Rings & Crochet Doilies: Michael's Dollar Section, Parasols: Halo Heaven)

The centerpieces for the boys also had the Doily Bowls with Felt Bow Ties I made them. (Tutorial to come :))
ENTERTAINMENT: With the help of Kate I decided on a Vintage Photo Booth for entertainment. I found this amazing Vintage Like Photo Frame at Hobby Lobby on clearance. I decided an assortment of oversized "adult" clothing would fit the theme well and give the kids some fun choices in dressing up.

I took a few of my husbands Tuxedo Coats and ties for the boys to wear. A pettiskirt, a couple tutus and jewelry were perfect touches for the girls.

The pinata was the other party activity. I decided since we were doing a candy bar I didn't want to overwhelm the kids (parents :)) with more candy so I chose to fill the majority of it with small toys like Harmonicas, Jump Ropes, and Wind Up Toys. All purchased from the Dollar Tree and Michaels Dollar Section.

FAVORS: The favor bags were made using White Paper Bags, Cameo Silhouettes I made, 8" doilies, and white satin ribbon. For the boy favor bags I used my sons silhouette - I filled them with Vintage Toys: Jacks and Silly Putty.

(Jacks, Oriental Trading: Silly Putty, Crayola.com)

The girls favor bags I used Savannah's Cameos. They had a Boutique Bow on a clip I made using Light Blue Moonstitch Ribbon.

(Moonstitch Ribbon - Ribbon Retreat)

Everyone seemed to be having a great time including the Birthday Girl. There was just the right amount of food and fun! Thanks so much to all the amazing vendors, friends and family that picked up the party slack wherever it was needed, and Kate Landers for the inspiration and support with the party. It was acheived by the creativity and hard work of many people!

All Photography Courtesy of http://www.carriefayphotography.com/