Savannah's Fairy Garden Party 1st Birthday

This was the party that started it all...I've learned a ton since this one but it holds a special place in my party loving heart. My first baby turned one and that was a day to celebrate!

We started out with a color scheme, hot pink & lime green. It ended up evolving into the Fairy Garden Party. The theme was inspired by her room at the time. Her nursery bedding was red, yellow and had flowers and dragonflies all over it. I found this adorable nylon dragonflies at what now has become one of my favorite websites, and they still to this day hang from her ceiling.

The party favors were in buckets from the dollar store, and had a set of wings, tutus, bags of fairy dust (sprinkles), bubbles, and candy. The boy buckets had cars, playdoh, candy and bubbles. We had a bounce house and bubble machine for entertainment since most of the guest were around the age of 1. Of course, the birthday girl also had 3 outfit changes. Her polkadot party dress greeted the guests, she then changed into her tutu dress for the remainder of the party. She enjoyed her smash cake in customized bloomers with a cupcake and the #1 and her lime green fairy wings. :)

It was a lot of fun and truly the beginning of my love of all things party.


Sawyers 1st Birthday Sesame Street Party

My picture collection for this party is sadly very limited. :( We had a computer issue and ended up losing everything. Thank goodness for Facebook! I had uploaded my favorites from his party to my page and so that is all I have left from this very fun first birthday.

First birthdays are a little tricky sometimes because you don't really have any specific interests or themes to base the party on since they are still little babies. I ended up choosing Sesame Street for Sawyer because of his love of stuffed things. He still has this particular interest so I guess it ended up being a perfect choice.

We also ended up taking a trip to San Diego before his party and the Sesame Street Play Place there turned into a dream come true for snatching photos with various Sesame Street Characters to dispay at his party.

I love the colorful fun we had at this party. My 2nd love was the 3, yes 3, cakes my talented husband created. Cookie Monster was Sawyers smash cake. Elmo and the Giant Cookie served the rest of the party guests. :)

Where to find:

tablecloth/plates - target party section

favor bags and favors - target dollar section (LOVE)

Sawyers 2nd Birthday Hightlights

I'll be posting several of the past years parties I have had the most fun planning...just don't expect them to be in any kind of order. :) They are as random as can be. For instance, I am beginning with my youngest child, Sawyers 2nd Birthday Party.

This party was so much fun for me to plan! We went with a Construction theme because as you will soon find out I am a Coupon Maniac! I love coupons and all the money they save me and the many things they allow me to purchase that I otherwise would not be able to. That is another blog altogether though. :) I had $10 off Tonka Chuck and Friends coupons and much to my surprise was able to find the 6 packs of mini chuck and friends on sale for that exact price. So after purchasing 35 of these little guys it was decided....Construction party it is!

It also is a favorite because it includes all my favorite things, color coordination, fun decorations, an activity kids of all ages LOVED, and all my favorite friends and family. (Well most of them anyway).

I hope you enjoy it is much as we did.

Where to find things pictured in this party:

decor - hand sewn tablecloths and runners using Michael Millers Tot Town and Construction fabrics as well as the Be A Man fabric line.

party hats - Target Dollar Section

Cone Cups, Cones, signs - birthday express

The Beginning...

The 2 Main Reasons for the blog delay. :)
So, I have had the background and titles for this blog set up for about 2 years or so. Just now getting around to actually getting it off the ground. It's not that I haven't had any fun party ideas or cute outfits to share. Its simply that Life has been running the show and I am finally realizing how to manage life instead of it managing me. Things I have wanted to have time to do in the past few years but never seemed to get around to doing are now coming back to the surface and getting done. It's an amazing feeling!

So, buckle up if you'd like and I'll take you over the next few weeks on a quick trip through the past few years and give you some highlights. I'll also let you in on the planning for some fun upcoming events and of course the Spring PreSeason Shopping has begun! Fun Times! Who doesn't love to window shop right?