Creative Estates Conference

I mentioned this a little bit before but this past weekend I attended Creative Estates Conference in Chandler.

I have to admit when I first saw the list of speakers and people attending I was half thrilled beyond words and half scared to death. Probably more thrilled than scared...but WOW these are my blogging superhero's! I have been blogging for a whopping 6 months. A little intimidating!

I am happy to announce all my worry was for nothing. Never in my life have I been in one place where everyone has the same interests and at the same time is SOOOOO NICE and SOOOOO SUPPORTIVE!

No caddy, crazies here! :)

It truly was one of the most inspirational, fun times I have had EVER!

I had many a "If it were just for this moment, I am so glad I came!"

Here are my Top 3 Favorites - some taken directly from new friend Twitter -

also thanks to Creative Estates!

1) Shelley from busting out in her custom lyrics of "Forget You" by Cee Lo (had to google to find out who originally sang this song. I will admit my musical knowledge typically comes directly from GLEE! I thought they were the original artists.) ;)

2) The many mentions of cute shoes and type A husbands on the "Balancing Small Business and Motherhood" Panel featuring some of my absolute fave's!

I will say I did come away from this with more than a new appreciation of fashion. :) It was great to hear other women talk about how we all struggle with the exact same things!


The unachievable word we all strive for.

Becki of Whippy Cake said it perfectly "We all have so many balls in the air and it is never possible for us to be perfect at everything. We have to choose our most important and make those priority."

So, sorry honey and kids some days we all just need to walk over the smashed cheerios on the tile that need to be cleaned up - they'll still be there tomorrow. :)

You see why that one was one of my favorites now right? A great reason to not clean the floors!

3) The amazing sense of friendship and endless support that truly exists in nearly every person I met or heard speak at this event. It's refreshing to see, women especially, raising each other up and saying whatever you need I am here to help. LOVE THAT!

PS. If I am being honest the AMAZING swag bags they gave out when we walked in could have been the end of the conference and I would have left a happy gal! Don't believe me - look at all the yummies that were in there!

Headband by Craftee McGee, Letterpress note cards and envelopes, Pick Me Up scrapbook tool, modge podge and glitter paint, Bookmark by Hoot Designs, Business Card holder by Taradara, Necklace by The Vintage Pearl

Photo courtesy the hilarious, unicorn loving Stephanie at

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