Flower Pot Easter Party Gifts (Tutorial)

I had the idea to do Mini Bow Bouquets for the girls in Savannah’s class for Easter awhile ago. The time is now arrived so I had about a day to whip up 20 bouquets.

I of course couldn’t do Bow Bouquets for the Boys so I decided to use lollipops and wind-up bug toys.
STEP 1: I started with mini terracotta pots (Hobby Lobby) and spray painted them yellow, green, red and pink.
We had the spray paints. I used Craft sticks (Hobby Lobby) for the flower stems and spray painted them green as well.
STEP 2: I made 3 Flower Clip Bows (Michaels) for every flower pot.
STEP 3: I cut up the rectangle blocks of foam into 6 pieces and placed the pieces in the pots.
STEP 4: I stuck 3 sticks in each pot for the flower pots and 4 lollipops in each pot for the bug pots.
STEP 5: I put a small amount of hot glue on top of the foam and attached green Easter grass to the pots.
STEP 6: I clipped a bow to each stick and added the wind up bugs to the center of the lollipops on the bug pots.
STEP 7: I used these free Easter Printables I found on Catch My Party from Autumn Leah Designs

After I cut the Printable Squares out I glued them to the wood craft sticks and tied blue and pink bows around the sticks. Linking with Type A, DIY Showoff, Girl Creative


  1. Awe! So pretty Cristen! Perfect for spring! Savannah's a doll!

    Thanks for sharing! :)


  2. so cute, and your little girl is adorable! thanks for partying at type A!