Gold Glitter Microphone Trophy Tutorial - Glee Party

I found this super cute Gold Glitter Scrapbook Paper at Michaels that I used for the Invitations for the Glee Karaoke Party.

I knew I wanted to have Gold Glitter Microphones to display on the Dessert Table but couldn’t find anything that wasn’t plastic or neon colored.

I decided to use the Gold Scrapbook Paper again to make cones for the base of the Microphone.
I was looking for Foam Balls but came across these Paper Balls at Joann’s and for .99 cents they were a great find!

I sprayed them with spray glue and doused them in gold glitter!
I hot glued a cotton ball right inside the base of the cone to give something else besides the edges of the cone for the ball to adhere too. It worked great!
After I hot glued the Glitter Balls to the cones I was set!

I just needed some way to display them on the table. When I was cleaning up my kids crafts the mini jars of Playdoh stood out to me and I decided to give them a whirl. The microphones stood perfectly in the Playdoh and I covered the base with black to cover the label. I added a Glittery Gold Ribbon Bow to the base.

The last step was to squirt some hot glue inside on top of the Playdoh and sprinkle some glitter on top of it to hide the dough.

I was really pleased with how they turned out and I can’t wait to try Playdoh to display other items!

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