Fruit Themed Parties

Maybe its that Summer has officially kicked off around here, but I just can't get enough of
Fruit Themed Parties.

I LOVE taking a simple item like a strawberry or an orange and doing a theme around that item.
So fresh and definately screams Summer to me!

Here is some amazing Fruit Inspiration I have come across around the web. :)

Dimple Prints
Watermelon Birthday Party

The Sweetest Occassion
Strawberry Birthday Party

Rowdy Stroudy
Lemon Party

P is for Party
Green Apple Shower
Karas Party Ideas
Clementine Baby Shower


  1. Love these ideas! I especially love the watermelon party pics! So cute! I'm planning a birthday party for my Aunt who is turning 84 in July. I would like to do a fruit themed party. If you have any ideas for me I'd love them! Thanks!

  2. Just seeing this but I will definately do a fruit post with more ideas for you. I love those themes too! :) Email me @ if you want some ideas specific to your event theme. :)