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So sorry for the Blog Silence the past week, A Flu Virus has run through every family member in my house! No fun but it's over and I'm back! :)

So,my cousin Payton is turning 10 and my aunt asked if I could help come up with some ideas for a party for her. She has outgrown all the princess type parties.

1 - Design Ink – Hippie Chick Invitations $12.99
2 - Kids Cakes – Cupcake Toppers - $13.95
3 - Sweets Indeed – Cupcake Photo Courtesy
4 - Bakerella – Owl Cake Pops Photo Courtesy
5 - Birthday Express & Oriental Trading – Favor Options
6 – Peace Party Decoration Idea – Photo Unknown
7 - Birthday Express – Hippie Chick Hanging Decoration, Plates, Napkins
8 - Children's Place – Peace Outfit Options
9 - Oriental Trading - Dessert Table Options

Together, we came up with an idea for a Peace Themed Party. I thought I would share because it turned out to be a really cute idea that could go for any age girls!

Peace Sandwiches – cut circle into sandwiches and use fruit rollups or frosting to make a peace sign on them
Orange slices, Green Apple Slices, Purple Grapes, Blueberries Fruit Plate
Carrots, Broccoli Veggie Plate
Pasta Salad
Spinach Dip
Rainbow Sherbert Punch
Chip “Bar” – Potato, Nacho Cheese, Green Tortilla Chips w/ Bean, Cheese, Ranch Dips

I think it would be cute to set up a “favor table” opposed to a dessert table. Have a combination of the desserts: cupcakes, cake pops, cookies, peace lollipops displayed cute and favor items such as sunglasses, bracelets, etc. The kids can grab a bag and take which items they like. It’s like a mini shopping experience and will decorate the party at the same time.

Payton asked for a Scavenger Hunt so I came up with idea for a Peace Scavenger Hunt:
Ideas for things to find
2 Different types of leaves
2 Different types of flowers
Wild Acorn, Nut or Seed
Butterfly or Bugs (could hide plastic versions)
Peace Symbols (could hide sticker/tattoo/or plastic versions)

Move furniture to side in one room and have dance party zone – either decorative duct tape or something to make a “faux dance floor”

I hope you enjoy this party ideas as much as I did! After the party was planned I came across some of these same items at my local Party City as well.


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