Glee Karaoke Graduation Party

I know I’ve mentioned this a time or two, but it’s a HUGE event in our house!
Our little girl is leaving the world of Preschool behind and entering Grade School.
Any excuse is a good excuse to throw a party in my world but this is a REALLY good excuse.
The Mini Graduate requested a Glee Party! (Girl after my own heart).

Savannah can belt out a version of “Don’t Stop Believing” like no one else I know so we decided to make it a Glee Karaoke Party.

We munched on Slushee Cupcakes, Pop Rocks, Cheerio Bars, and Gleeful Water!

The kids were given "Swag Bag's" at the end of the party.

They contained Pom Pom's (Toys R Us) for the girls and a

Bob-It Music Game (Target) for the boys.

Star Sunglasses, Microphone Bubbles (Michaels) and

Trophies for their Singing Achievments (Party City).

The kids had their very own "Star" chairs.

The kids took turns singing their hearts out to Glee and Disney songs on Wii karaoke, and jumping in the bounce house during “Gym Class”. It was so much fun even us parents had to join in!

Wish we could have a Glee party every week!

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  1. Adorable graduation party!! Loved all these arrangements. Going to throw my nephew a graduation party at event venues Chicago. Will surely implements some of your ideas there. Thanks for sharing them here. Really loved favors and desserts too.