Splurge VS Steal Party Monday!

One of my very favorite part of fashion magazines is the sections where they give you the designer version of an outfit and then the look a like discount version.
As I was reading this section I decided this would translate perfectly in helping all of us find the most amazing Party Items to fit our budgets!
So introducing my newest Monday Posts, I promise to hunt down bargains on some of my most favorite Party Items and share them all with you. I decided to start with what are good party/entertaining basics to have on hand. They make the house pretty when not being used and can be used in many ways to dress up your events!

Set of 3 Ceramic Cake Stands - $145

Set of 3 Small, Large, X-Large Apothecary Jars $157

Set of 3 ceramic cake stands - $69.97

$29.99 for 3 small, medium and large apothecary jars

I found versions of both of these at my local TJ Maxx/Home Goods as well. They ranged in price from $29.99 to $7.99. Check out your local stores to see if any are still available.

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