Kate Landers Giveaway

I like many others have been nothing but inspired by the Classic Style of Kate Landers of Kate Landers Events, LLC. ( She has long been my favorite blog to follow. I would find myself from time to time just browsing Kate's website to simply window shop all the adorable party eye candy! From the party styling Kate has done to the adorable party products She created, it always managed to provide endless inspiration.

Fast Forward to last Fall and Layla Grace's amazing Party Planning Giveaway with the one and only Kate Landers. My heart skipped a beat just at the thought of winning such an amazing prize! For the entry you were asked to state the party theme you would like Kate's help creating. I of course, as I explained above, had already been inspired by Kate and decided on a Vintage Silhouette Theme for Savannah's 5th Birthday Party. Much to my shock and joy I was chosen as the winner! After freaking out and calling everyone I knew to share the news I began the amazing process of creating with Kate.

In the next post you'll see the results of the months of planning and hard work that go into creating one of Kate's party creations. Truly the most rewarding party experience I have had to date! I'll go into more detail in the party post but with the help of Kate's experience and knowledge I was able to complete nearly all of the ideas I set out to accomplish. A definate first and huge accomplishment for me!

I look forward to sharing Savannah's Vintage Silhouette Party with you very soon!

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