Fabulous Floral Pinata

(image courtesy Kate Landers Events, LLC.)

This past Saturday was the long awaited Vintage Silhouette Party for Savannah's 5th Birthday.
The pictures of the party will be coming to the blog very soon. :)

I tried my hand this party at creating a custom pinata. The amazing Kate Landers featured this tutuorial on her blog and I instantly knew it was the perfect look for the party.

It turned out to be a much easier process than I ever could have imagined and WELL worth the results!
I did change a few of the steps on making the tissue paper roses that seemed to make the process easier and quicker for myself by simply taking the tissue paper between 2 fingers to begin with and then wrapping around an additional finger each time I wrapped it.
It allowed for a more natural shape for my roses so keep it in mind if you decide to give it a try!
Can't wait to share the pictures of the rest of the party very, very soon!

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