Happy Birthday Savannah!

Believe it or not, yesterday was my daughter Savannah's 5th Birthday!
I really can't believe how the time flies.... in celebration, I am posting highlights from her 2nd Birthday Party - A Dr. Seuss inspired party since she and the Seuss share a day!
Enjoy! I am off to cater to the 3 five year olds at my house this mornging. Savannah had a sleepover with her buddies last night. :)

The Invitation - a little odd looking here since its a scanned version, BUT, it was Dr. Seuss scrapbook paper and I created the wording in Microsoft Publisher. Tied off the top with Red & Blue Ribbons, her party theme colors. When you lifted the words there was a wallet sized photo of Savannah from her Dr. Seuss photo shoot.

Here are a few outtakes from that. LOVED!

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