Sawyers 2nd Birthday Hightlights

I'll be posting several of the past years parties I have had the most fun planning...just don't expect them to be in any kind of order. :) They are as random as can be. For instance, I am beginning with my youngest child, Sawyers 2nd Birthday Party.

This party was so much fun for me to plan! We went with a Construction theme because as you will soon find out I am a Coupon Maniac! I love coupons and all the money they save me and the many things they allow me to purchase that I otherwise would not be able to. That is another blog altogether though. :) I had $10 off Tonka Chuck and Friends coupons and much to my surprise was able to find the 6 packs of mini chuck and friends on sale for that exact price. So after purchasing 35 of these little guys it was decided....Construction party it is!

It also is a favorite because it includes all my favorite things, color coordination, fun decorations, an activity kids of all ages LOVED, and all my favorite friends and family. (Well most of them anyway).

I hope you enjoy it is much as we did.

Where to find things pictured in this party:

decor - hand sewn tablecloths and runners using Michael Millers Tot Town and Construction fabrics as well as the Be A Man fabric line.

party hats - Target Dollar Section

Cone Cups, Cones, signs - birthday express

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