The Beginning...

The 2 Main Reasons for the blog delay. :)
So, I have had the background and titles for this blog set up for about 2 years or so. Just now getting around to actually getting it off the ground. It's not that I haven't had any fun party ideas or cute outfits to share. Its simply that Life has been running the show and I am finally realizing how to manage life instead of it managing me. Things I have wanted to have time to do in the past few years but never seemed to get around to doing are now coming back to the surface and getting done. It's an amazing feeling!

So, buckle up if you'd like and I'll take you over the next few weeks on a quick trip through the past few years and give you some highlights. I'll also let you in on the planning for some fun upcoming events and of course the Spring PreSeason Shopping has begun! Fun Times! Who doesn't love to window shop right?

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