Sawyers 1st Birthday Sesame Street Party

My picture collection for this party is sadly very limited. :( We had a computer issue and ended up losing everything. Thank goodness for Facebook! I had uploaded my favorites from his party to my page and so that is all I have left from this very fun first birthday.

First birthdays are a little tricky sometimes because you don't really have any specific interests or themes to base the party on since they are still little babies. I ended up choosing Sesame Street for Sawyer because of his love of stuffed things. He still has this particular interest so I guess it ended up being a perfect choice.

We also ended up taking a trip to San Diego before his party and the Sesame Street Play Place there turned into a dream come true for snatching photos with various Sesame Street Characters to dispay at his party.

I love the colorful fun we had at this party. My 2nd love was the 3, yes 3, cakes my talented husband created. Cookie Monster was Sawyers smash cake. Elmo and the Giant Cookie served the rest of the party guests. :)

Where to find:

tablecloth/plates - target party section

favor bags and favors - target dollar section (LOVE)

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