Sneak Peek...

Sneak peak of the invites for Savannah's 5th Vintage Silhouette Party. :)

Items I Used:

Light Blue Paisley Scrapbook Paper
Blue Cardstock
White Vellum Paper

The Paisley served as the backdrop for the invitations. The blue Cardstock is what I used to print the party details on, and then I printed her Silhouette on the vellum. I tied them all together with a blue satin bow at the top.

I love how the vellum silhouette turned out, it allows touches of the invites to peek through.

The next step was to trim the tops and bottoms of the doily off so it would be the same shape as the invitations. I wrapped the cardstock invites with the doily and topped it off with a blue satin ribbon bow.

Doilies are going to be a huge theme with this Vintage Silhouette Party. Can't wait to share the next stages! :)

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